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The purpose of this page is to provide a place where I can link up to all of the pages that I wll create in this course.

As I learn more, I will add more content to this page. So far in LP2, I have learned how to create a basic HTML page, perform basic formatting, plus I learned to link to the top of the page and to other pages.

In LP3, using CSS, I have learned to float an image, and to place a border around it. I have also learned how to change the color of the links and text in the links, and to do text decorations on them. I have also colored type and text using CSS. Plus, I even made my own sprites and incorporated them into the menu, with hover icons.

In LP4, I created a resume, and a side bar using relative and absolute positioning. I also used fixed positioning on a contact button.

In LP5, I created a contact page, using various form elements that include text areas, radio buttons and checkboxes to submit the data using CGI which then returns the info as text in an email via the server. I also created a submit and a reset button using Illustrator and photoshop.

In LP6, we learned to create an XML file. In this example, I created business cards, where I was able to name my own tags, of which I needed to properly nest them. I started with a root tag to define what the XML document was, then I built the business card using tags like <name> <title> and the like. Here I also added some CSS2 styling to the cards, which IE did not display, but Firefox did.

In Lp7, I created a dtd (Document Type Definition) for my business card XML project. This is where I defined what information another user can or cannot insert into the XML file, thus ensuring that I get exactly the information I requested.

In LP8, I am tying things up for the final presentation, which I will be uploading to a server so that anyone who types in the web address of http://www.dulcimergraphics.com will be able to view this project.


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